Conquering fear

Namine showed me that she won’t let fear rule her.

We went to the park over the weekend. It’s a favorite of ours when the weather is nice. There are plenty of things in the playground that Namine can climb on. But there are two things that Namine has wanted little to do with: the slide and the swings.

You might recall that last February, Namine broke her leg going down the slide. Since then, she has been less than enthusiastic about slides in general. But this time at the park, she told me she wanted to go down the slide.

Once at the top, she hesitated a little. That’s understandable. She asked me to help her down, but the slide was too narrow for me to sit her on my lap. So instead, I walked up the slide and, standing in front of her, walking backwards, I held her hands on the way down.

The swings are a slightly different matter. Namine has never been injured on one, but the “big girl swings” (as she calls them) hurt her hips. Despite knowing this, she wanted to try them again, reasoning that she’s older, bigger, and stronger. Maybe now sitting in one wouldn’t hurt her.

As it turns out, sitting in the swing does still hurt her hips, but not as much. But if she sits a little further back, she can sit comfortably. As a result, though, she’s a little more off-balance than she would be otherwise. It took a little getting used to, so she took the swinging easy that first time. But it was definitely not the last.

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