Robin Hood

We went on a field trip with Namine’s school to see a play.

We always enjoy seeing First Stage productions, and their performance of Robin Hood was no exception. Namine is well familiar with the story, of course, having seen the Disney movie countless times. Namine and I also read an abridged version of the story (okay, one of the stories, as there are many versions) for her school.

Speaking of the Disney Robin Hood, before we went to see the play, Namine asked us how they were going to get the animals to act out the parts. When the play started and it was acted out by people, she thought that made a little more sense.

Namine enjoyed the play very much. Her favorite part, by her own admission, was the inclusion of a kitten. (One of the sheriff’s henchman had decided to abandon his post and get a pet kitten instead, a decision which she endorsed.)

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