Things are not what they seem

A trip to World Market involved a childhood story and a wine rack.

We like the store World Market a lot. We went there the other day for some things for a party, and both Namine and I had some observations.

Balcony Foolers

As we were walking up to the store, I noticed some of the windows on the wall outside.

“Look,” I said. “Balcony foolers.”

Namine was confused. “What?”

I explained that when I was a child, my mom had these plastic birds on a stick. You probably know the kind; you stuck them in the dirt in your planter or garden. (Namine knew precisely what I was talking about. She has a little glass butterfly on a stick outside the apartment.) Well, for whatever reason, I called them “bird foolers.” (Why you would want or need to fool birds is beyond me now, but I guess it made sense to Six Year Old Paul.)

Well, thanks to that strange name, it became common practice in my household to refer to anything that looked like something else as a “[thing] fooler.” Those windows looked like they had balcony railings, but no balcony. Thus, balcony foolers.

Taco holders

As we were walking around the store, we went through the wine section, looking for something to bring to a Christmas party. (We’re not wine people, like, at all, so our best guess would have to do.) So Jessica is looking at the wines, Namine is looking around, and I’m mostly following Namine while Jessica is trying to talk to me.

Then Namine called me over to look at something. Since we were still in the wine section, it was obviously a wine rack.

Namine, however, had a different perspective. “Look, Daddy,” she said. “A taco holder. Look how many tacos you could carry with it!”

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