Pulmonology appointment

Namine had a checkup, and it could not have gone better.

When your child has a tracheostomy, they don’t tell you about all the complications. I think part of the reason for that is because complications are going to depend on the child. Namine’s most prevalent post-trache complication has been what the doctors call lung disease, but technically, it’s not a disease. It’s just that her lungs were weakened by having a tracheostomy tube for two years.

As a result, Namine has had an inhaler. The prescription has changed over time, but she’s always needed it. Winters are especially hard on her. It’s a time of year when a lot of children get sick easily anyway, and in the past we’ve spent many a winter night in the hospital. Fortunately, that’s been less and less the case as Namine has gotten older.

The result of Namine’s most recent pulmonology appointment is simple: her lungs are getting stronger. The doctor has hopes that Namine might soon be rid of her inhaler altogether, but that time is not quite here yet.

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