PALS test

Namine had her annual PALS test yesterday morning. Despite however nervous she might have been, she did just fine.

Truth be told, Namine did more than fine. According to the results we got back from the test, Namine is reading at a sixth grade level, and the rest of her academic skills are at least at a fourth grade level. (For the sake of reference, last year Namine’s reading level in first grade was at a third grade level. Now, in second grade, it’s at a sixth grade level.)

This means that Namine could skip third grade entirely, if we were so inclined. Obviously this is not a decision we’ll take lightly, but so far we’re thinking we won’t do that. Even as well as she’s doing, school is more than just a measure for how smart you are. There are concepts introduced in math and science that we don’t want Namine to miss, so we’ll start off with third grade in the first semester next year. After that, we’ll see how things progress.

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