Well, new to her.

We were at the store the other day. I forget if it was Target or Wal-Mart, but we were walking through the toy department. Namine saw some Jurassic World dinosaurs and asked if we could get one. I told her, “I have more Jurassic Park toys than you would know what to do with over at Grandma’s house. Do you want to pick some out and bring them home?”

“Yes, please!”

The amount of dinosaurs that Namine wanted to bring home was pretty much the whole box, so that’s what we did. We brought home the whole box. I dumped it out right in the middle of the living room, because why not. A mess is temporary, but dinosaurs are forever. Or something.

I just love listening to Namine play. All the different voices she does for characters (there’s an Irish accent in there somewhere, and the bad guys always seem to have a Russian accent or something, I don’t know), it’s just great. There were plenty of toys missing parts — dinosaurs with limbs off, action figures who’ve long since lost their guns — but none of that mattered. I don’t think Namine has ever, outside of Christmas, gotten such a huge stockpile of toys all at once. And dinosaurs, to boot! She was in heaven. Dinosaur heaven. Could it get any better?

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