Namine knows she’s named after a video game character, but tonight she played the game for the first time.

When I picked up Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS3, I told Namine that it was the game with her namesake. This of course prompted nearly endless questions (which I was happy to answer) and an intense interest in the game. Of particular fascination was the idea that you could visit multiple Disney worlds within a single game.

It’s is a tough game, especially on the difficulty level I play. But there’s one world — Atlantica, the Little Mermaid level (which just happens to be Namine’s favorite Disney movie) — which has precisely zero difficulty. This is because there’s no combat; it’s all music and rhythm games, which is perfect for Namine.

I let Namine play for a little while tonight after dinner. I was originally going to have her help me with the dishes — as she usually does — but I opted instead to let her play. It meant more for me to do after she went to bed, but it was well worth it.

When Namine finished the first couple levels, she asked if she could play one more. (“Please Daddy, just one more! It’s for Ariel!”) How could I deny her? But I found that I have to unlock another part of the game before she can proceed in Atlantica, so I had to say no. To her credit, Namine didn’t argue. She accepted my answer and went to start getting ready for bed.


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