I asked Namine a serious question. I was not prepared for her answer.

Following this prompt, I decided to ask Namine: “What do you think about the differences between you and your friends?”

Namine thought for a moment. Then she told me all about her play dates with a friend — what games they liked to play, how they liked to dress up, what their favorite toys and TV shows and movies were.

Namine described for me all these differences, but there was not a single mention of the fact that she cannot walk on her own. It doesn’t matter, because it’s not important.


Oh, walking is important. It’s extremely important to Namine, and the desire to walk on her own is the driving force behind all her hard work in therapy.

But when Namine and her friends are playing, these things don’t even come to mind. There’s no judgement, no comparison; only friends loving each other for exactly who they are.


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