March 2015

  • The age of reason

    The age of reason

    I’ve written before on some of my ideologies in being a parent. I’d like to do so again, in particular about instruction and reasoning.

  • Throwback Friday

    Throwback Friday

    Yesterday Namine asked me if I could show her some videos of her when she was a baby. Here’s a couple that she really likes.

  • Relaxation and cake

    Relaxation and cake

    We made a cake a couple nights ago, but last night’s events prevented us from having any. We all had some this evening.

  • A night at the ER

    A night at the ER

    Namine fell and hurt her head and back this evening. We’re finally back home from the hospital, and she’s only suffered a minor concussion.

  • A case for choosing life

    A case for choosing life

    Jessica and I have been to the hospital more times than we care to consider. All that has come with great cost, but great benefit too. I’d like to impart something. Not wisdom — I wouldn’t assume that much hubris; but at least experience, and perhaps understanding.

  • Unbearable puns

    Second Amendment jokes, and all that.

  • Mummies and duddies

    Mummies and duddies

    I forget how Namine and I got on the topic of mummies. We were talking about pyramids, I think. Jessica might remember.

  • The most inspiring thing

    The most inspiring thing

    I asked Namine a serious question. I was not prepared for her answer.

  • Playing Kingdom Hearts

    Playing Kingdom Hearts

    Namine knows she’s named after a video game character, but tonight she played the game for the first time.

  • Good smells

    Good smells

    Jessica, Namine, and I were at the mall, doing some shopping, window and otherwise. I could do the typical guy thing and say they dragged me into Bath & Body Works, but it wouldn’t be true.

  • Dental clinic

    Dental clinic

    With all the craziness lately, I never wrote about Namine’s most recent trip to the dentist last month. Some pretty important points were discussed.

  • IEP season

    IEP season

    As the year goes on, I am beginning to see news about IEPs from many of the special needs folks whom I follow on various social networks. I do not envy them.