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October 2014

Mummy dogs

I’m usually not one for making those little novelty holiday food items, but for some reason I had a lot of fun with the mummy dogs we made last year. So for once it was not Jessica but I who suggested making them again.

Drawing her own medicine

Namine has shown an interest lately in drawing her own medicine. She’s always taken her medicine seriously (pun intended), mostly because we’ve always been honest with her from the start about why she has to take so much medicine at all. (And to be frank, she doesn’t have nearly as much medicine as she used…

Chicken bacon

You might be asking yourself what chicken bacon is or you might already know. It is fabulous, it is delicious. It is not at all like pork bacon or even turkey bacon, but OH MY GOODNESS! Anyone that tries it just can’t get enough. The first time that we made it Namine kept sneaking it…