October 2014

  • Escalation

    When I started using Jetpack’s related posts module, I had to add a little extra styling.

  • Mummy dogs

    Mummy dogs

    I’m usually not one for making those little novelty holiday food items, but for some reason I had a lot of fun with the mummy dogs we made last year. So for once it was not Jessica but I who suggested making them again.

  • Trick or treating

    Trick or treating

    On Saturday we took Namine trick or treating. She had a lot of fun!

  • Inbox’s floating action button

    Inbox’s floating action button

    I got my invite into Inbox by Gmail a few days ago. I thought its floating action button was pretty nifty, so I set out to recreate it.

  • Halloween bulletin board

    Halloween bulletin board

    It’s that time again, kids. We decided to take down the Fourth of July bulletin board and do something a little more autumn-appropriate. You know, like Halloween.

  • Drawing her own medicine

    Drawing her own medicine

    Namine has shown an interest lately in drawing her own medicine. She’s always taken her medicine seriously (pun intended), mostly because we’ve always been honest with her from the start about why she has to take so much medicine at all. (And to be frank, she doesn’t have nearly as much medicine as she used…

  • Chicken bacon

    Chicken bacon

    You might be asking yourself what chicken bacon is or you might already know. It is fabulous, it is delicious.

  • Upgrading Sass did not break Font Awesome

    Upgrading Sass did not break Font Awesome

    I upgraded the version of Sass on my computer to 3.4.5. I thought this was a mistake, but the mistake was mine.

  • At the pumpkin farm

    At the pumpkin farm

    On Sunday we (Jessica, Namine, and myself) joined my sister, my brother, and his wife in going to a pumpkin farm.

  • Self-sufficiency


    Namine wants to be independent, so we’ve done some things to enable her around the house.

  • A Day at the Farm

    A Day at the Farm

    Today was Namine’s field trip with the RVA to the Homestead Farm in Hartland.

  • Taking risks

    Taking risks

    With as much work as Namine has been doing in physical therapy lately, it got me thinking. It’s been over two years since her second foot surgery, and she’s come leaps and bounds (sometimes literally) since then. It simply amazes me, how strong and resilient my daughter is.