Congratulations! You’re using the Internet. Chances are, this is important to you. But if terms like “IP address,” “subnetting,” or “multi-tiered application” scare and confuse you, you really should watch this video by John Oliver. It explains in layman terms what net neutrality is, and why you should care.

I am an independent blogger. Mostly what I write about pertains to my daughter Namine, and the various medical conditions she was born with. (I also write about other things, but mostly Namine.) I can put what I’ve learned out there for other parents and advocates — I’ve learned quite a bit, taking care of a special needs child.

But if everyone on the Internet is not treated equally, then my content would not be as easily accessible as a high-profile company’s. And without net neutrality, we wouldn’t be treated equally. I obviously wouldn’t be able to shell out the kind of cash that a company could.

So you can see how net neutrality is a big deal to me. I mean, a really big deal. So if you don’t want Internet access to become this:


…then please support net neutrality and the companies who defend it.

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