Special Needs picnic 2014

I always confuse the location of the picnics for the Children’s Hospital’s Special Needs Program and the Herma Heart Center. We missed the Herma Heart picnic, but fortunately we made time for this one. Namine was glad to see so many friends.

Namine was very excited to come to the picnic. She spotted her friend Dr. Gordon right away, so I had to get a picture.

Getting his beard ready for playing Santa, I see.

They had a taco bar this year for lunch, but Namine wasn’t interested in eating yet. She already had her priorities, so she immediately wheeled herself over to where they were doing face painting. The boy in front of her was having a frog painted on his face, and at first, that’s what she wanted too. But once she was sitting in the chair, she changed her mind.

After getting an Elsa tiara (which I mistakenly pronounced “tee-air-uh,” only to have Namine correct me — “it’s TEE-AH-RUH, Daddy!”), Namine was ready to sit down and eat.

Everybody say “taco bar!”

After eating some tacos, Namine decided it was time to cruise around the room, saying hi to people. She found friends wherever she went. I only managed to get a few pictures, but being a frequent flier of both the hospital and therapy, she seemed to know pretty much everyone in the room. And those she didn’t know, she said hi to anyway.

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  1. jenniferschultz Avatar

    Seriously, she is just adorable! She lights up anywhere she is.

  2. How sweet! And she quickly corrected grandpa later when he called it a crown! It’s a tee-ah-ra grandpa!

  3. Jolene Philo Avatar
    Jolene Philo

    Her crown is delightful and so is Namine. Thank you for sharing this precious girl’s story on the Tuesday DifferentDream.com link up.

  4. @jolenephilo:disqus “tiara” ;)

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