A busy day

Namine is such a tomboy, but sometimes she surprises us.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Namine had a birthday party to attend this morning. (Although I suppose it’s yesterday morning now, seeing how late it is. Oh well.) Some days, Namine wants to wear a dress or a skirt. Not so much today — today it was all about her suspender shorts. That’s fine, she can choose her own clothes.

We had to draw the line, however, at the pirate eye patch. A hair band, fine. A bow, fine. But you’re not wearing an eye patch. We were met with much argument, but she relented and accepted a clip in her hair.

This is what Namine wanted to wear to her friend’s birthday party.

After the birthday party was over, the three of us went to the zoo. I recall the forecast calling for some pretty crappy weather, but it turned out to be a nice (if a little too hot for my taste) day.

Just inside the zoo’s entrance is a face-painting station, and Namine asked if she could get her own face painted. Of course! I was sure, after her morning shenanigans, that she was going to pick something tomboyish. Indeed, her initial choice was a lion face. But after much deliberation (and letting a few kids go ahead of her because she couldn’t make up her mind), she chose one labelled “heart princess.” Because reasons, I guess. I didn’t mind.

One of our stops was at the kids’ area, where they had some craft stations set up. Namine painted a couple watercolor pictures with me, then made a card at the crafts table.

We went inside the cow building and learned all about what goes into milking a cow. (I still think they could have named the machine something a little less disturbing than “the claw.”) We even watched some cows get milked. Namine didn’t think it was gross or anything, just interesting.

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  1. Michele Avatar

    Glad you made it to Zoo ala carte!

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