Water and sun

When I got home from work, the first thing out of Namine’s mouth was “Daddy! Let’s go play in the water outside!”

I thought it was starting to cool down a bit much for playing in the water, but she was relentless. Besides, I didn’t really want to say no. We don’t have a sprinkler, but we do have a hose and buckets.

After I and Namine were both in our swimsuits, we went out the back. I asked Jessica to come outside with us; she conceded only on the condition that we not get her wet too, but come on. How long has she known me? She had to know what was going to happen. (Yes, I sprayed her with the hose.)

Of course, it only took a few minutes for Namine to decide that the water was, in fact, too cold. so she decided to crawl up the hill (and get extremely muddy and grassy, but that’s okay). When she got to the top, she rolled down. There is no finer childhood joy!

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