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June 2014

Making a bulletin board

Today was my family picnic, but we didn’t go. Jessica was already sick, and with Namine going to Urgent Care last night, we thought it best to stay home. But that didn’t mean we were just going to mope around.

Her very own sink

I’ve written before about how Namine is potty training. In our efforts to allow her to do as much as possible by herself, we set up a little sink, soap dispenser, and towel right outside the bathroom.

Misheard lyrics

This morning, after I got Namine her medicine, she asked for some water. “No problem,” I said, getting a glass from the cupboard.

Music lovers

I am the odd man out in my family. They’re nearly all musicians — my mom and dad have education in music, my sister too, and my brother at least has a good singing voice — but I just love music. And as far as Namine’s upbringing goes, I think that’s enough.

School and a fire alarm

When I got home from work yesterday, I already had a pounding headache. Jessica and Namine were still doing school. Namine had only one more thing to do before her day was done, but she was being difficult. With my head pounding, I took over school for Jessica so she could have a break.

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