June 2014

  • Making a bulletin board

    Making a bulletin board

    Today was my family picnic, but we didn’t go. Jessica was already sick, and with Namine going to Urgent Care last night, we thought it best to stay home. But that didn’t mean we were just going to mope around.

  • Trip to Urgent Care

    Trip to Urgent Care

    Namine complained tonight of pain when she went to the bathroom. Fearing a UTI, we went to the Urgent Care.

  • Implementing Fluidbox

    Implementing Fluidbox

    I discovered an awesome jQuery plugin yesterday, called Fluidbox. I have since implemented it in my Cover theme for WordPress.

  • Her very own sink

    Her very own sink

    We set up a sink for Namine outside the bathroom.

  • Misheard lyrics

    Misheard lyrics

    This morning, after I got Namine her medicine, she asked for some water. “No problem,” I said, getting a glass from the cupboard.

  • Focus on the good

    Focus on the good

    We passed a sign on the way home from the ER. “Focus on the good,” it said. I thought, That’s a good idea.

  • Another lost tooth

    Another lost tooth

    One of Namine’s bottom teeth fell out.

  • Music lovers

    Music lovers

    I am the odd man out in my family. They’re nearly all musicians — my mom and dad have education in music, my sister too, and my brother at least has a good singing voice — but I just love music. And as far as Namine’s upbringing goes, I think that’s enough.

  • Playing Rock Band

    Playing Rock Band

    The other day I got a text from my mom: “Saw this at a rummage, $25. Interested?”

  • School and a fire alarm

    School and a fire alarm

    When I got home from work yesterday, I already had a pounding headache. Jessica and Namine were still doing school. Namine had only one more thing to do before her day was done, but she was being difficult. With my head pounding, I took over school for Jessica so she could have a break.

  • A smelly lunch

    A smelly lunch

    Yesterday after therapy, I had lunch with Jessica and Namine. We unintentionally went to a smelly restaurant.

  • Fancy navigation

    I wanted to share this little bit of code, because I think it’s awesome.