Music lovers

I am the odd man out in my family. They’re nearly all musicians — my mom and dad have education in music, my sister too, and my brother at least has a good singing voice — but I just love music. And as far as Namine’s upbringing goes, I think that’s enough.

Namine’s feet have been bothering her lately. The reason for that is simple: they dangle a lot. Her wheelchair’s seat is no longer long enough (which I have written about before), and we ran into the same problem with her drum setup. I originally had her sitting in an adult-sized chair, but today when we were playing Rock Band she complained of her legs and feet hurting. So I lowered the drums as far as they would go, and sat her in her rocking chair. I then moved her little table under her feet for a place to rest. Like the saying goes, if it works, it ain’t stupid.

Namine played the drums while her aunt Lydia sang, and I played guitar. Lydia and I switched instruments every now and then. Namine wanted to try her hand at the guitar, so I explained how the fret buttons and the strum bar worked. To get her used to strumming, Lydia worked the buttons and Namine strummed. I’d say it worked pretty well.

We might have a budding bassist on our hands. Namine found it easier to strum up instead of down.

Before Lydia left this afternoon, Namine insisted that they play Move Along again, only she wanted to sing and Lydia to play guitar. And when I was going through the photos for tonight’s post, I noticed something funny. You see, when I’m concentrating, I tend to stick out my tongue. I’m not aware of this; other people have just told me that I do it. Well, Namine does it too. (I know I’ve got pictures of Namine drawing, her tongue sticking out in concentration, but I can’t find any right now.) Turns out my sister does it too.

Namine’s reading has improved, but she can’t read as fast as the lyrics scroll across the screen. No, she knows the words to Move Along by heart.