Namine complained tonight of pain when she went to the bathroom. Fearing a UTI, we went to the Urgent Care.

When I say “complained,” I really mean yelled. One minute she was sitting on the floor, finishing her dinner, and the next she was screaming. She felt a little better after going to the bathroom, but said she was still in pain and a little nauseous. Soon afterward, we were on our way to the Urgent Care. We left Jessica at home because she had not been feeling well all day.

Before we left, I gave Namine a pitcher just in case she threw up. Good thing, too, because she did. Just once, though I suspect it was more due to the anxiety of going to Urgent Care. (It wouldn’t be the first time, and I doubt it’ll be the last.) After throwing up, she started to feel better.

Namine’s improved mood showed when we arrived at the Urgent Care. She chatted up the receptionist as I filled out the check-in paperwork, then we went over to the waiting area. She flipped through one of the Children’s Hospital brochures that were sitting on a table, sounding out quite a bit on her own. Then she tired of that and asked for one of the magazines on the rack — Woman’s Day or something like that.


We were soon called back, so Namine handed me the magazine. I had to dodge out of her way as she zipped over to the nurse and skidded to a stop, introducing herself rather loudly. We followed the nurse into the room. Namine told me that she needed to go to the bathroom again, which was actually perfect timing. I got a sterile cup from the nurse so we could get a sample of Namine’s urine for testing.

The testing came back completely clean. The sample is being sent on for a culture, just to be sure, and we’ll know the results of that in a few days. In the meantime, it would seem that Namine has nothing more than an irritation or a slight rash.

It was quite late when we arrived back home. Not as late as some nights in which we’ve been to the ER, of course, but late nonetheless. When Namine is looking forward to bedtime, you know she’s tired. It was too late to read — I doubt she would have stayed awake for even a single chapter, anyway — but I still sang to her. And I was right; she was asleep before I finished You Are My Sunshine.


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