May 2014

  • Playing balance games

    Playing balance games

    Namine asked me this afternoon if we could play Mario Kart. Before that, though, we tried something new. We fired up the Wii Fit to try her on some balance games.

  • Standing up for herself

    Standing up for herself

    At her end of the year school picnic, Namine made some new friends — but then, that’s never been a problem for her. And I was proud to witness her sticking up for herself.

  • Dad joke

    This is what comes to mind when Jessica talks about her support socks. I’m not sorry at all.

  • My Far Cry 4 wish list

    My Far Cry 4 wish list

    I didn’t know I was so excited about Far Cry 4 until Ubisoft announced it. I love 2, I even love 3 for all its hand-holding, and I hope Ubisoft combines the best of both games. Here’s what I’m hoping for.

  • School picnic

    School picnic

    Today we attended Namine’s end of the year school picnic in Marshfield. It wasn’t quite as far away as when we visited for orientation and supplies pickup, but it’s still four hours away. To make the drive easier, we stayed with my aunt last night. As a result, the drive up this morning was only…

  • One puff less

    One puff less

    Namine had an appointment with her pulmonologist yesterday morning. It was just a routine visit, but even so, we came away with some fantastic news.

  • Handwriting exercises

    Handwriting exercises

    I was having Namine do handwriting exercises. After she was done with letter lines, I told her she could write whatever she wanted, as long as it was a sentence.

  • Namine’s singing

    Namine’s singing

    Listening to Namine sing along to different versions of Let It Go. She imitates multiple vocal styles, depending on the artist. <3

  • Namine on deodorant

    Namine on deodorant

    Namine was looking at my deodorant yesterday and sounding it out.

  • Standing up

    Standing up

    It’s not the first time Namine has stood up. She’s stood up with her walkers, she’s stood up using other objects. But it was the first time she’s been able to look out the window on her own.

  • Playing on the Wii

    Playing on the Wii

    There’s no better way to relax on a stormy day than to play games. We fired up the Wii, and introduced Namine to Wii Sports and Mario Kart.

  • New pair of shoes

    New pair of shoes

    Contrary to doctors’ predictions, Namine’s feet continue to grow. Her Mary Jane sneakers have served her well, but the wear and tear of walking, crawling, and scooting — combined with the fact that the shoes almost don’t fit anymore — has necessitated getting new ones.