Playing balance games

Namine asked me this afternoon if we could play Mario Kart. Before that, though, we tried something new. We fired up the Wii Fit to try her on some balance games.

My Far Cry 4 wish list

I didn’t know I was so excited about Far Cry 4 until Ubisoft announced it. I love 2, I even love 3 for all its hand-holding, and I hope Ubisoft combines the best of both games. Here’s what I’m hoping for.

School picnic

Today we attended Namine’s end of the year school picnic in Marshfield. It wasn’t quite as far away as when we visited for orientation and supplies pickup, but it’s still four hours away. To make the drive easier, we stayed with my aunt last night. As a result, the drive up this morning was only an hour and a half.

Standing up

It’s not the first time Namine has stood up. She’s stood up with her walkers, she’s stood up using other objects. But it was the first time she’s been able to look out the window on her own.