I didn’t know I was so excited about Far Cry 4 until Ubisoft announced it. I love 2, I even love 3 for all its hand-holding, and I hope Ubisoft combines the best of both games. Here’s what I’m hoping for.

Bring back the map

In-hand map! GPS! Magical pointers! ...wait, what?
In-hand map! GPS! Magical pointers! …wait, what?

Far Cry 2’s map is unique in that it did not pause the game. You were just as much at risk as when you had your gun drawn. That sense of ever-present danger pervaded throughout the game, and it was a unique feeling. I would love for that sense of immersion — which is absent when the game pauses to view your map in Far Cry 3 — to return.

Bring back buddies


Granted, the eventual betrayal by your so-called allies sucked. But to be honest, I loved Far Cry 2’s buddy system. I always felt like I could be a little more reckless; I would something totally crazy in taking down a checkpoint or completing a mission if I had a rescue-ready buddy.

Now let me take them along like a follower in Skyrim or Fallout, and the system will be perfect.

Make crafting real-time

The Last of Us crafting is in real-time.
The Last of Us crafting is in real-time.

The Last of Us handled crafting items beautifully. One of the things in Far Cry 3 that bothered me was crafting — it couldn’t even be called a mini-game. It was just a menu item. Click, click, click. Ugh. If we’re going for immersion, let’s make the crafting actually part of the game, shall we?

More varied AI

An enemy carrying his wounded buddy to safety.
An enemy carrying his wounded buddy to safety.

Far Cry 2 has this amazing AI, but it was subtle. It seems that most people just plowed their Jeep through enemy checkpoints, so they never saw it. Unlike Far Cry 3, there was no detection meter. There was only your eyes and ears, and the enemies were much more observant.

If you snuck around more, you’d see the enemies doing human things. Stay hidden and snipe a guy in the leg, and his buddies would come running to his aid. You could then use him as a human trap — luring more suckers toward him with rescue in mind, only to find a bullet to the brain.

Wounded enemies, lying in the grass, would sometimes try to crawl away. And sometimes, in their desperation, they would pull their pistol and attempt to take you with them.

None of that happened in Far Cry 3. Wounded enemies still remained standing (even though the bigger guys could knock you down), and only laid down when they were dead. Come on, Ubi, bring back the more human-like AI.

I want to climb Mount Everest.

Totes obvi.
Totes obvi.

‘Nuff said.

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