Contrary to doctors’ predictions, Namine’s feet continue to grow. Her Mary Jane sneakers have served her well, but the wear and tear of walking, crawling, and scooting — combined with the fact that the shoes almost don’t fit anymore — has necessitated getting new ones.

Trying on new shoes is never easy for Namine. Her feet, despite having been through clubfoot repair twice (although the first surgery was such a messed up affair that it can hardly be called a “repair”), still have such a pronounced arch that finding shoes that fit is a daunting task. We’ve been on shoe hunting trips before where we’ve come away empty-handed after hours of searching and trying on different shoes, so it’s not exactly something we necessarily look forward to.

Nevertheless, Namine needed new shoes, so we went to a shoe store yesterday afternoon. We tried on several pairs — nearly half a dozen, by my count. The real test, beyond just whether or not we could get the shoes on her feet, was walking. On all but one pair, Namine’s feet slid around a little too much, and so made walking difficult (and in some cases, downright painful).

And the one pair that fit? Crocs. Jessica knows how I feel about Crocs. I do not like them. I do not like them, Sam-I-Am.

But you know what? They were not only the most comfortable pair of shoes Namine tried on, they didn’t hurt her feet. I helped her walk up and down the aisle in the shoe store, and only while wearing the Crocs did she not complain. She actually walked a little faster, too, than when she tried on the other pairs of shoes. She even got a little silly — she took huge steps, trying to step on my feet.

So yeah, I can put aside personal taste for my daughter to have functional and comfortable shoes. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t?


Namine couldn’t wait to try out her new shoes with her walker this morning.