Today we attended Namine’s end of the year school picnic in Marshfield. It wasn’t quite as far away as when we visited for orientation and supplies pickup, but it’s still four hours away. To make the drive easier, we stayed with my aunt last night. As a result, the drive up this morning was only an hour and a half.

They had a ton of pizzas for everyone, but even so, we were conservative with the amount that we took. Some people, not so much. Namine was a little riled up when she saw someone walk out with a whole box of pizza. Still, there was plenty left over.

After we were done with our pizza, they cut up a cake. Oh my goodness, I will have nightmares about that much frosting.


Namine was pleased and surprised to see her teacher, Miss Sara, attend the picnic. She still had school to teach, but the principal let her leave early because they knew we’d be there. A four-hour trek is no easy task, and Miss Sara is the only one we knew. (This is almost literally true; Namine has weekly Hangouts with Miss Sara, but no one else.)

Namine was so excited to see Miss Sara, she put her in a headlock and wouldn't let go. Well, she eventually did.
Namine was so excited to see Miss Sara, she put her in a headlock and wouldn’t let go. Well, she eventually did.

They say never to mix business and pleasure, but when it comes to school and Namine, the two are well blurred. She quite enjoys school — and learning in general — and we wanted to talk to Sara about her curriculum. Namine has progressed faster and better than we ever expected back in March (especially with the trouble Namine initially had), and we wanted her teacher’s input.

We asked if we should just jump ahead to the Spring curriculum, which is what we had initially been given, and is still sitting in a storage bin at home. We felt that Namine was progressing well enough to at least test her on it, and Sara agreed. So next week, once we’re back at home, Namine will be starting the Spring curriculum.

One of the things I love about Namine — but what isn’t there to love about her? — is how enthusiastic she is. Another is how hard she works. She exhibited both traits to Miss Sara when she asked me to get her walker out of the car. She wanted to walk, and in her new shoes, too! She walked back and forth, and got a high five at the end, too.

After visiting for a while, and playing games with some other kids (she makes friends everywhere she goes), Namine wanted to go to the zoo, which was attached to the park where the picnic was being held. Jessica wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed behind while Namine and I went. She wheeled herself; I only had to help her cross some severely uneven sections of sidewalk. The zoo wasn’t that big, so it was good for an afternoon’s exercise. Despite the zoo’s small size, there was still a decent selection of animals: an eagle, owls, groundhogs, a cougar, cranes, and rabbits.



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