Namine continues her current prescription to treat this mysterious abdominal pain. This can’t go on indefinitely, however; so Jessica took her in to see the urologist for more tests and, possibly, an answer as to why this has happened at all. It did not go well, and we know just as much now as we did before — which is to say nothing at all.

Before meeting with the doctor, Namine went through more of the same tests that she’s already undergone. Ultrasounds and x-rays are nothing new to her, and they certainly held no surprises for her. They held no surprises for the doctor, either; nothing detectable, and again, no trace of whatever it might have been to cause her so much excruciating pain.

It seems unbelievable that Jessica and Namine were at the clinic for more than two hours today, but that’s typically how appointments go. We know that the hospital (and by extension, clinics outside the hospital’s campus) moves on its own time, but knowing never makes it easier.

It makes it even more infuriating when, after waiting for so long, the doctor has no answers — not even a hypothesis. He has no idea, nor has he even hazarded a guess, as to why Namine has been in pain. Since she’s been on this medication for several days, he suggested taking her off it for the next day or so. Sure, that sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, there’s no better way to tell if whatever this is has passed.

I guess the next day or so will tell us if Namine is still in pain.


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