I learned two things today. First, if I have enough aluminum cans to fill my car, it can get us enough money to go see a movie. Second, I haven’t had a song stuck in my head like this since I saw Aladdin when I was twelve.

Apparently, it’s stuck with Namine, too.

This morning I filled my car with trash bags stuffed to the brim with aluminum cans – collected over the past year, so there was figuratively no room for anything or anyone else. Seriously, I had to bring both Namine’s wheelchair and walker into the apartment first.

My prize, though, turned out to be enough cash to treat the three of us to a movie. I still had not seen Frozen, so even though Namine has seen it twice already, I asked her if she wanted to see it again. Or maybe she wanted to see Nut Job. She had expressed interest in it after seeing a preview on TV, so I had to ask.

Never doubt the power of a Disney princess on a five year old.

After seeing the movie, even after a third time, Namine does not take away from it the appreciation for how well it subverts more common princess themes (like marrying so soon after meeting, or that true love is perhaps simpler than we first consider). She does, however, take away from it the catchy songs. Empowerment and being true to oneself are important lessons, and I’m sure they’ll come to her in time.

For now, I’m happy with seeing my little love singing and dancing.


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