On December 29th, we went to go see The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at First Stage Children’s Theatre. How we came by the tickets is an interesting story in itself. One of Mom’s friends on Facebook had had six tickets that she couldn’t use. So, she advertised that anyone that wanted them could have them and Mom asked to have them. So, the day before the play, Mom sent out a message asking if we wanted to go. Everyone was free so off to the play we went!


Once we got to the theatre, we took a few pictures in front of the Christmas trees and showed Namine the pictures of the actors and who she would see in the play. Then, we got seated. We were front and center so Namine had a really good view of the stage. As soon as she took her seat, she looked at Jessica and myself and asked, “Is it going to start yet?” We told her that everyone had to get in their seats first and the actors had to be ready before the play could start. So, every few minutes, Namine would look around and then ask, “Is everyone sitting yet? Is the play starting?” and we had to keep telling her that the actors weren’t ready. She was very excited for the play to start. There was music playing in the theatre so we kept busy by dancing and sending Snapchats to my friends. Namine loves taking multiple shots to show her enthusiasm (her favorite pose being sticking out her tongue.)

When the lights went down for the play to start, Namine was bouncing in her seat in excitement. She intently watched the first act, dancing in her seat to the songs and smiling the whole time. The only thing that startled her was when all the kids would start yelling and running around. Then she would cover her ears, but she assured me she wasn’t scared, it was just too loud for her. At the end of the first act, she looked at me and said, “Is it over?” but not as though she wanted it to be over. When I assured her that there was a second part, she smiled.

The second act included a sing-along during the pageant and Namine was very excited about this. We sang, “We wish you a Merry Christmas” (which is one of Namine’s favorite songs to sing) and did a three part “Carol of the Bells”. Namine is very good at following directions so she was able to sing her part (on time and on pitch, she makes the singers in the family so proud!) and smiled the whole time. Then, there was a “Christmas work out” where people were encouraged to stand up and move. Namine and I sat in our seats and did the arm movements together, her giggling the entire time. From there, it was just the pageant. Namine loved it, from the silly Michael Jackson versions of Christmas songs to the quiet “Silent Night”, she sat and smiled. When the lights went down, she clapped and she continued clapping all through the curtain call.

After the show, Mom’s friend Gladys (who was in the play) came over to talk to us briefly and took a picture with Namine. Namine told us that she enjoyed the play and thanked Grandma Eiche for taking her to see it. We then went to dinner and had a nice time chatting.


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