When we took Namine to pick out a pair of glasses, we assumed we wouldn’t be getting anything that day. We were right. Having two insurances (my private insurance and her state insurance) to account for really throws a wrench in the works. But that’s all neither here nor there, since we could still look around and Namine could get a feel for the kind of glasses she wants. As it turns out, she is extremely easy to please in regard to glasses.

Girls_Guess_GU9095_RAS_RC_3Q Each pair she tried, she liked. Red, blue, pink; it didn’t matter. “I like this one!” she said, from one to the next. But in trying out the different glasses, nearly every pair slid down her nose. She started getting frustrated. We had to narrow down the selection field to pairs that didn’t have nose pads; even most of the pairs that did have nose pads still slipped.

Girls_Guess_GU9097_RAS_PW_3Q Despite all that, we found a red pair that Namine liked which didn’t slide down her nose. And even though they’re just for reading, Namine is really excited about getting them. Now we just have to wait for the insurance.

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