The road to recovery

Yesterday it was just me and Namine.

It was just a taste of what Jessica has been doing, since I have been in the office during the weekdays. Namine and I played her fishing game a lot.

After rounds yesterday morning, some people from the CV (that’s cardiovascular) surgery team came up to look at Namine’s chest incision. It looks very good, they say (I remember what it looked like the afternoon after surgery, and I agree), and everyone agrees that all signs point to us going home on Monday. (That’s tomorrow! Yay!)

There are a couple things that they want to happen before that, though. First, one or two more blood tests, just to make sure her levels are doing okay. She had one draw at around two this morning – but done through the PICC line, so she slept right on through it – and we’ll see if another one gets ordered for tomorrow. That depends on the results of this one, which should come back later on this morning.

The second thing that needs to happen is for Namine to start eating and drinking amounts closer to her normal appetite. The day before yesterday, her appetite was okay, but she still didn’t drink enough water to satisfy the doctors. But yesterday, oh man. Namine was quite decisive on the food she wanted, and she had several full glasses of water.

I expect, during rounds this morning, that the doctors will be pleased with her progress. Until then, we just keep on praying that Namine continues to feel better. She keeps asking me when she’ll get to go home and sleep in her own bed. “Soon” can’t come soon enough.

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