I haven’t had the chance to post anything lately other than updates on Namine’s ear goings-on. But now that she’s on some medication once again, she seems to be doing well. She’s still got a little drainage and bleeding, but it no longer seems to be out of control as it was last week. Namine has started potty training and it is more her idea than ours.

Jessica and I had taken Namine to Babies R Us quite a while ago, hunting for a suitable potty chair for Namine. (Did you know they don’t really make any potty chairs with caudal regression kids in mind? Who knew, right? I guess 24,999 kids out of 25,000 can’t be wrong.) We sat Namine on the floor, and we had her attempt to climb on. We finally found one that Namine could get into with relative ease (those pee shields are huge on some of those chairs!) so we got that one.

Namine didn’t really show a whole lot of interest in potty training, though. The whole thing kicked into high gear a few weeks ago (or was it only last week? It might have been; I don’t really remember because Namine’s ear shenanigans have been going on for so long) when she got a pretty bad rash on her bum. The doctor recommended taking the diaper off, and that meant just putting plain ol’ underwear (Namine calls them “pannies”) on her. We explained to her that she had to let us know when she needed to pee, because she wasn’t wearing a diaper anymore. Namine is generally pretty content playing in one spot (especially when she’s playing with her kitchen set toys, a gift from a friend of ours), so we put a couple towels down under her.

Fast forward to now, and Namine is doing really well. Of course we can’t just bring the potty chair everywhere with us, so Namine still goes in her diaper while she’s out at therapy or appointments. But at home, she’s nearly always dry. She tells us when she needs to go often – sometimes when she doesn’t, or has already gone, but that’s all right. She’s still getting used to it, after all.

The question ever in our minds – Jessica’s and mine, I mean – is how much control Namine has over pooping and peeing. One of the most common things in regard to caudal regression is incontinence; if that’s an issue, then Namine’s desire to be free of her diaper is inconsequential. And though Namine’s progress thus far in potty training is a long way from being a concrete answer, it gives us hope. Namine has shown that she has at least partial control – or, barring actual control over her bladder, at least she can feel when she needs to go – and that is a promising thing.

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