Urology appointment

We met today with Dr. Mesrobian, Namine’s urologist, to discuss the results of the tests done a while back. We had a pretty decent idea of what to expect coming into the meeting. I’ll be frank here: we’re talking about potty training here, so if you don’t want to hear the potty talk, don’t click the link.

Potty talk

Namine and I have a nightly routine. I give her a bath and she gets to play for a while (just how long depends on how early she gets in) – sometimes she wants me to play with her, sometimes not – she takes her medicine, we pray with Jessica, and she goes potty. Then it’s off to bed. Tonight, just after getting off the potty, Namine showed me once again what a sense of humor she has.

Potty time

I haven’t had the chance to post anything lately other than updates on Namine’s ear goings-on. But now that she’s on some medication once again, she seems to be doing well. She’s still got a little drainage and bleeding, but it no longer seems to be out of control as it was last week. Namine has started potty training and it is more her idea than ours.