It was a nice day today, so Namine got to draw with chalk on the sidewalk outside today. Jessica took a short video of her, and I’ve uploaded it for your viewing pleasure. You even get to see the little smarty pants give some attitude near the end.

This evening, when it was time to draw Namine’s medication (which is one less tonight, thankfully; she’s all done with the steroid for inflammation), I asked Namine to come with me in the kitchen. So of course she quickly scooted ahead of me, and then stopped in the hallway so I couldn’t pass. I told her to go the rest of the way, and she turned around, looked up at me, and grinned.

She’s got such an attitude, and I love it. She’s far from being an obedient child all the time, especially on the days when she’s cooped up at home with Jessica all day. But every bit of attitude, even the naughty times, remind me of how doctors promised and promised all these ways that she would never be normal. Oh, I think her attitude is normal enough for a two year old.

As for never being able to do certain things? You can believe that if you want, but don’t tell her that. We don’t. We never tell her, oh, I don’t think you can do that, so don’t even try. What’s the harm in letting her try? Even if there was nothing to be gained – if the attempt fails – the experience is gained, if nothing else. Besides, we could never stop her from pushing herself to new limits.

Take tonight, for example. When I finally got Namine to go all the way into the kitchen, she spotted her car. (I could have sworn I had a picture of it somewhere in the gallery, but I can’t find it.) “Eye arr!” (Ride car!) she exclaimed. I still had to draw her medicine, so that was fine with me. She’s generally content to sit in it and honk the horn repeatedly, anyway. Before I knew it, she had already reached it. (This is yet another thing that amazes me. Namine can scoot very fast when she wants to.)

The car’s door latches closed, but when Namine is not in it, we leave it open. She opened it up all the way and pulled herself up, nearly all the way. She still needed a slight boost; she didn’t have her braces or shoes on, so her feet could not find enough purchase on the floor to push herself up. But with only the slightest nudge from me, she was climbing in and closing the door behind her. Beep beep!


  1. Her pictures were wonderful to see. Yes, it was gorgeous last night. If you guys were home, Namine could have met our rat “Faith”. Alyssa & Mike had Faith outside :)

  2. “Hi Namine” She says her name so well! Reminds me of when Jess said to her, Do you want milk or juice?…Namine, say milk or juice.” And Namine looks at her with that grin of hers and says, “Milk or juice!”
    Glad she likes her car!

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