A friend of mine (hey Steph) posted something quite thought-provoking the other day. I think it might even have been last night. But one phrase caught me and wouldn’t let go: “I should have died.” You see, some time ago, her heart failed, and she would have died, if not for the heroic actions of Children’s Hospital doctors. It has been a long and hard road – and we can relate.

Namine herself is of course subject to a heart defect, and we know the agony of the waiting room, having nothing but time and imagination. Your mind betrays you. There is no test of faith like the helpless waiting. Waiting. Waiting for the doctor to return and tell you your loved one’s fate. I am ashamed to say I have failed that test. Twice.

But God is faithful. He has restored our Namine to us without fail, just as He restored Stephanie. God does not promise a life without stress or hardship. But He promises something much better: His love and salvation.

We thank God for saving you, Steph. We are blessed for having you as a friend. When we’re all feeling better and free of this sick-filled winter, we should have another photo shoot. :)

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  1. <3 Namine (and you guys of course) are always in my thoughts and prayers. I understand why its so easy to get mad and annoyed at things (like the hospital and doctors) I just try to remember all the great things they have done. <3 and yesssss a photoshoot soon!

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