Jessica took Namine in to see orthotics today. Namine’s AFOs have been bothering her lately; she can’t seem to tolerate anything more than four or five hours in them, when she should now be able to wear them all day. They figured that the braces just need to be adjusted – growing girl, you know – and that should fix the problem.

The orthotics doc put some padding under where Namine’s toes go, in the AFOs. The primary reason for discomfort (let’s face it, pain) is that her toes tend to curl under her feet, especially on the right foot. Remember, we’re fighting against physics and the tendencies of her own body. The padding will act as a buffer and provide a catch, if you will, for her toes, so they can’t curl as much.

I promised, a few days ago now, that I would post some videos. I have one for you tonight, and I’ll get some more off Jessica’s phone and upload them later.

What’s interesting to me is Namine’s interpretation of what a phone looks like. The stereotypical phone symbol you make with your hand is a fist, with your thumb and pinky extended. Then you hold your hand up to the side of your face, with your thumb by your ear. But Jessica and I have smartphones, which are totally flat touchscreen devices. So Namine holds her hand flat, palm to the side of her face as she talks into her imaginary phone.

I feel old.


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