Anybody who uses Windows is familiar with the BSoD – the Blue Screen of Death. I had my own brush today with WordPress’s equivalent – the WordPress white screen of death. (This article saved me a lot of time!) I was going to work on a post at lunch, but this took up nearly my entire lunch hour.

When I logged into the website today to start working on a post, I saw that there were updates for two plugins. I’ve had no problems with upgrading plugins before, so I updated them. But when I tried going to “New Post” to start writing, all that came up was a blank screen. I then tried just going to the home page – same thing.

I remembered coming across an article on WordPress problems, and how sometimes it won’t give you so much as an error message, it’ll just show a blank page. Thus the name, “white screen of death.” Fortunately, I didn’t even have to search Google – it came up in my address bar when I typed “wordpress white screen.” Thank you, Awesome Bar.

From there, it was easy. I disabled all the plugins, and the site came up again. I figured, since the problem cropped up when I updated those two plugins, I could restore the rest of them. I was right. So as of right now, I’ve disabled WPTouch (which enables the mobile version of the site) and Wordbooker (which enables the Facebook like and share buttons, as well as synchronizing comments between and Facebook). Later tonight, I’ll see if I can actually figure out where the problem is.

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