Twubblesome twos

Yesterday Namine was probably the first time Namine was really naughty for Jessica. It doesn’t really come as much of a surprise; she is two, and she is in almost constant pain because of her legs and feet. She’s been an angel to have behaved as well as she has, in my personal opinion. Not…

When I got home from work last night, Jessica was not happy. Namine pretty much got her naughty out by the time I got home – or she decided to be a little angel for me. Neither would surprise me; we’ve known Namine to behave better for me, for whatever reason. Dinner was not difficult, but nevertheless Jessica waited for me to get home first.

So I asked Jessica, “You didn’t want to start dinner because of the little terror?”


Namine looked up at me with this big, devilish grin on her face. Yeah, she knew that we were talking about her. Never doubt it.

I think Namine is too used to going to bed at 11. With all of her nighttime medications and cares (the trach alone, remember, took the better part of an hour, sometimes up to an hour and a half), she went to bed quite late. As she gets older, we are beginning to look toward sending her to school. (Trust me, I’m nervous enough.) In doing so, we decided to try getting her to bed earlier.

Well, that didn’t exactly work out like I expected – I got her in bed by 10. Despite this, Namine yelled and cried and whined. Then she stopped, so I figured she fell asleep. As I peeked in, however, I saw her sitting up, playing in her crib. I laid her back down, turned on her mobile, gave her some favorite stuffed animals, and left the room.

We played this little song and dance three or four more times. Jessica suggested I let her play in her crib, and let her tire herself out. Nearer to 11, Namine started to cry. When I went in to check on her, she was just sitting there. I asked her if she wanted to lay down again. She nodded. So I laid her down, and she fell asleep soon after.

5 responses

  1. Lil punk!

  2. What did she do that was naughty?

  3. Leah, Mike & alyssa Avatar
    Leah, Mike & alyssa

    Actually, the correct phase is “trying 2s, terrible 3’s” just to let you know. Yes, as I live through the different phases/stages; I’m renaming them myself.

  4. Love these cute little stories of cute little Namine. Would it be reasonable to wake her earlier in the morning, or reduce her nap?

    1. Actually, that day she didn’t get a nap. Part of her sass was because she was tired, I think.

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