So Jessica’s doctor had already concluded – prior to her biopsy today – that her gall bladder needed to be removed. But, what the heck, we’ll subject her to anesthesia and the general fun crap of another doctor’s visit. One, I might add, that took a good few hours longer than originally anticipated.

Anyhoo, Jessica had her biopsy today. Afterwards, the doctor gave us the surprising news that her gall bladder wasn’t working, so it needed to come out. (As he said this, he made a sweeping motion with his hand and made a shwwp noise.) Imagine that.

So he gave us the number of a surgeon to call. The earliest available date is Friday. Not tomorrow, mind, but a week from tomorrow. Okay, we say, she’s dealt this long with her gall bladder not working, she can survive another week.

But here’s the thing: the appointment is solely for a consult, not the procedure. That’s right, kids, we made an appointment to have them tell us what we knew 2 doctors ago. (Sometimes I think that’s how our time is best measured anyway – in how many doctors we’ve gone through.) So next week Friday, maybe we’ll know when Jessica’s surgery is.

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