On Friday Jessica had a bone marrow biopsy. Let me back up a bit. Her platelets have been low for some time – for several years, if the doctor is correct. This had never come to our attention; so Jessica had to have a blood test done. Its results were inconclusive, thus the biopsy.

The biopsy means, essentially, one of two things. Either Jessica has a form of cancer, or she has an autoimmune disorder. But for the results to come back we have to wait for about a week, perhaps ten days. In the meantime, Jessica is in pain – less than on Friday, thankfully, but still pain – and I am helping out as much as I can. But I still need to go to work, so Jessica is by herself all day. Fortunately for her, Namine has always been a good-natured and well-behaved little girl, and despite occasional bouts of sass, she still listens and obeys (for the most part).

But we suspect that Namine is feeling quite a bit of our stress. She has been acting out since Jessica came home from the hospital on Friday, and I bet it’s because she’s worried too. Being three, she just doesn’t know how to express that level of emotion – so it comes out in her behavior. Some days are worse than others, and her behavior also depends on how tired she is – and on days when she has physical therapy, she can be tired indeed. We rarely give her naps anymore, however, because then she won’t go to sleep until midnight or later.

Namine was supposed to have an ENT clinic appointment this morning, but they canceled on us. Of course, they didn’t tell us until we arrived. Go figure. Namine was naturally worried, because she’s no dummy and she knows what “ENT” means. It means stick things in my ear.

Speaking of figuring things out, the other night we went out to Target (I think it was Target) to pick up some supplies, like toilet paper (because everybody poops!) and Kleenex. (But I don’t buy Kleenex. I buy Puffs. I just call all tissues “Kleenex.”) After we were done, we walked out of the store past a stop sign. I was carrying Namine, and she leaned around me to see the sign. Then she said without any prompting, “Ess. Tee. Oh. Pee. That spells stop!”


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