February 2009

  • Has it really been nearly 2 weeks?

    It’s still hard to believe we’re home. Namine is such a joy to have in the house – we’ve waited so long to have her all to ourselves. She’s almost always full of smiles, a couple nights ago being an exception, but anybody would be a little crabby with only 2 hours of sleep. But […]

  • I can finally say it, HOME!

    God has answered and is still answering all of our prayers. He has been working miracles from day one. He is with us no matter what. I started this blog off the way I did because the rumors are true, Yes all of you that is right, Namine came home on Monday. It has been […]

  • Well What Can I Say.

    Hello Family and Friends, Well it is a day that has come and gone. Namine was supposed to come a long time ago, but that day was pushed back for one reason or another. Then she was supposed to go home a different day that was pushed off for one reason or another. Then she […]

  • We Hate Being Sick!!

    Warm weather what have you done. You have made our allergies go bonkers, bonkers, bonkers so my poor husband is sicker than a dog. He aches and sneezes his ribs hurt from falling on the ice, our room is littered with Kleenex (oh wait he picked them up). Namine is stuck at CHW I hope […]

  • SUNDAY!!!!!!

    Sunday is the official day set by Doctor Gordon.  We hope that Namine can start to tolerate her feeds all day by today, or I don’t know what they plan on doing.  She did alright yesterday, but she did throw-up and we think it was just because her feeds are too close together.  They keep […]

  • Not Home Yet

    First off, my apologies. We’ve been a little lacking in updates, I know. We’ve been a little busy. Wednesday has come and gone, and Namine is not yet home. Monday night, Namine was not doing too well – she was throwing up frequently, and so the doctors were not comfortable sending her home the next […]