Hello all.

Namine is still in the PICU, but she’s getting better. She’s smiley again today – a big change for the better! They’re weening her off the vent, so hopefully we’ll be able to come home soon.

The emptiness of home without her is too much. It hurts, missing her.

night and day
there’s a burning
down inside of me
burning love
with a yearning
that won’t let me be
down I go
and I just can’t
take it all alone
I really should be
holding you
holding you
loving you
loving you

Husband. Daddy. Programmer. Artist. I’m not an expert, I just play one in real life.

  • Anonymous

    That was so beautiful, Paul. You three are never far from my thoughts and prayers.

    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob: Eiche Fan Club members!

  • Michele Eiche

    I feel the same way. I ache, my arms ache, when I’m not with Namine.

  • Anonymous

    Hope your day is O.K. and that things are still moving in the right direction. Can you get discharged from the PICU or are they taking you to Center 4 first? We are coming in tomorrow, as Jacob is not doing great… Not sure if we'll be spending the night or not, but if we do, I'll hunt you down!

    Love always from Jen, Jeremy & Jacob