Dear Family and Friends,
We have re-entered the hospital. We are in the PICU again. Namine started to have more secretions and became really tired and some what irritable. Namine was doing ok until Thursday morning when she started to have to be suctioned at least every hour if not more than that with all of her secretions, by Thursday night she was dropping her stats into the high 50’s and having a very hard time breathing. We rushed her to the hospital where she needed to be bagged to keep her stats up. They finally got her stable and moved us to the PICU. She was just very irritable and unconsolable and no matter what I tried or they tried she was just not happy. At about 6:30AM they decided to put her on C-PAP. She is doing all of the breathing, it is just giving her a positive pressure to open her airway more. They are not thinking that we will be home by Thanksgiving:( Well I just wanted to update people and let you all know what happened. I am going to get back to her and try to get some sleep myself. We love you all and ask that you continue to pray for us.

God’s Blessings,
Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche