So I’m back from visiting Namine. I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that she’s doing really well. Her numbers all look really good. Her breast milk is still being fortified with soy-based formula, and she’s been off the lipids since around noon yesterday. She’s also doing most of the breathing herself. She no longer has a fever from the infection in her trachea, and they’ll be re-culturing her throat and breathing tube tomorrow. The prescription for her antibiotic medication, Tobermycin, is up as of tonight. Of course, if the culture comes back positive again, she’ll be prescribed to it again.

On the other hand, doctors are also worried that the left side of her diaphragm may be paralyzed; apparently, this is a risk to all heart surgery patients. So tomorrow, she’ll have a scan which will tell the doctors whether or not it is paralyzed. If it is, she’ll be scheduled for a tracheostomy as soon as possible. If not, then she’ll remain intubated until they decide on a good time to extubate her and see if she can breathe on her own.

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  1. Good luck with tommorow we will keep praying that all the test will turn out okay. We were going to try to get up there this weekend but we are so busy tring to get ourselves packed and ready for the big move there is so much to do i hate moving!!! We will try to get up there hopefully sometime this next coming week. But we are thinking of you! Love you guys!
    Rochelle slobo and eli

  2. Paul, Jess, and Namine,

    We’re assailing the throne of grace on your behalf, praying for healing and patience and strength and wisdom. It seems that every bit of good news is accompanied by some that’s not so good. We’ll try to refrain from offering you trite platitudes, but please know that there is an army of prayer warriors on your side, and our Commander is mighty to save and loves you even more than we do. Hang in there. We’re praying specifically for her breathing right now, that God would enable her to breathe on her own without difficulty.

    With all our love,
    Grandma and Grandpa Eiche

  3. Paul and Jess,
    I’m planning to visit you on Tuesday at the hospital around 1:00 possibly a bit earlier, and bring a sandwich or something for you for lunch. Let me know if that works for you and what kind of sandwich you’d like. (Subway or Cousins ??)

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