Sorry the site’s been lacking updates for a little while. We’ve been… busy.

To say that Namine was extubated is an understatement. On Sunday night – well, Monday morning around 1:30 – I get a call from the doctor to tell me they were extubating her. I’m confused, I say. Why can’t you guys wait until tomorrow morning (I mean when normal people are up) to do it? No, the doctor says, she started pulling her tube out herself. We’re just finishing it. Realization dawns. Oh, I think. Wow. So the doctor tells me she’s doing well. Better than well. Her heart rate is as low, maybe lower, as right after she’d had heart surgery. Her oxygen sats are good, and she needs no help breathing at all.

So last night, I went to see Namine again. Because she has such a small cry, the doctors were concerned that her left vocal chord was paralyzed, similar to her diaphragm. If this is the case, then she may have some serious problems bottle- or breast-feeding, something she needs to be able to do before she can come home. So they wanted to do another scope.

Thankfully, the scope went well and she has movement in both her vocal chords. Her voice is so small because the breathing tube was in for so long. They’re going to give her something to help with acid reflux.

Last night she was also moved out of her little glass container and into a crib. We’ll have to see when she can start bottle feeding.

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