Hello Family and Friends,
Just to update you on everything that has happened within the past couple of days with myself.

The C-Section incision opened up and was infected once, opened up even more and just packed and left to heal. Paul and I were told that if there is a lot of bleeding and puss that we should call the doctor and come in immediately because this meant another infection. So this happened and we called and had a visit with the OB. Before we got there that morning when Paul was repacking the wound we noticed not only puss coming out of the wound but a puss pocket or blister. When all of this was mentioned the OB said no it looks fine, actually it looks really good, but by this time the pocket had popped and there was not any active bleeding or pussing. So I went home. I was told that if I did not feel well and if I had a temperature I was supposed to call the office and let them know. So late that night I had the chills and a fever of 101.0, so I called. “We are not worried about the fever and it does not sound like it is coming from the wound. But take two tylenol and call back in two hours if the fever does not go down.” So I take the meds and wait. My fever goes up instead of down. I call and again they say the same thing except that I should come in tomorrow to see the OB. I tell them ok and go to sleep. I wake up and my temperature is down to 97. I call the OB and she tells me that she does not want to see me the fever is all part of the healing process.

By this time I can’t go to see Namine because I have had a fever so I have to stay home. I sleep, some much needed, but when I wake up I do not feel well again. I take my temp and it is back up. I call again and I get the same thing, except this time she asks me why I am taking my temperature. I tell her because I don’t feel well. The OB still doesn’t want to see me. Once again because of the fever I can’t go see Namine for the second day in a row.

It is now Friday night I am really not feeling well and I take my temperature again, why I don’t know. It is up to 102.4, I call and again they tell there is nothing that they can do I should just keep up with the advil and tylenol. I continue and Saturday rolls around. I am feeling well but not great and no fever again. In the afternoon it spikes again but now it is up to 102.9. I call and you get the picture. Sunday 102.4 I call and….

Monday I go back to my old OB the one that started off with me at the beginning and he looks at my incision area and he says, “This is really infected you need to see a wound care specialist and you need to go today. I am going to go and call and set up an appointment for you today, ok.”

What? is the question that I had. I knew it was infected but my goodness to barely even have to see it and say you need to go now, just a bit scarey. He couldn’t get me in to see anyone on Monday but he got me an appointment on Tuesday, today. Paul and I head out to the wound care clinic in Cudahay, WI. They check us in and get us situated and they start their exam. The nurse starts by probing the area with a sterile Q-tip. A Sterile Q-tip is about 15cm long for those of you that don’t know how long they are. I look down at my stomach and I said, “OH MY!” The Q-tip was all the way inside my stomach except what the nurse was holding on to. There is so much puss running out that she has to keep swabbing it up with gauze while she finishes her exam. The nurse practioner comes in and takes one look and says you have to go to surgery and have this opened and drained and cleaned and they will have to see how the surrounding tissue is doing and then we will decide on the best way to go for healing.

So yes I went to see the surgeon but she was stuck in surgery today so I have to go back tomorrow and have my c-section reopened and cleaned and drained and what not all to. When I get back if I am not hospitalized I will write you how I am doing. Otherwise Paul will fill you all in tomorrow. So Please Pray that all goes well. I love you all!