Marvel Universe Live!

We took Namine to see Marvel Universe Live yesterday. It was amazing!

Namine has been looking forward to going since we told her about it, but there was a surprise. We didn’t let Namine find out what this surprise was until we got there: a special bracelet called a Lectro Link, which allowed her to interact with the show.

The show itself was amazing. The best way I can describe it is as though we had attended the filming of a Marvel movie. We had very good seats, and Namine was literally on the edge of her wheelchair seat for the entire two-hour show. She sat on the edge, bouncing and leaning forward intently the whole time.

If I can geek out for a moment here, I was impressed by the wide variety of Marvel characters in the show. Yeah, I know it’s called “Marvel Universe Live,” but being used to the Marvel movies, I didn’t expect there to be X-Men characters as well as Avengers. But if I had to pick, Spider-Man was my favorite.

Late into the show, Iron Man got into trouble. He called out to the audience, “There must be some Avengers out there who can help!”

Namine, holding her Lectro Link wristband, whispered to us, “I need to help Iron Man! Help me turn on my wristband!”

So I helped Namine strap it on (it has a sort of buckle, but it was hard to clasp) and turn it on. Namine, already on the edge of her seat, leaned even further, pointing her wrist toward Iron Man.

Iron Man, receiving help from a stadium full of Junior Avengers, dramatically overcame his adversaries. Namine turned to me, more excited than I’ve seen her in a long time. “Did you see me? Did you see me help Iron Man! He asked for my help, and I did! I helped him win!”

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