A few nights ago, Namine had her second piano lesson.

Namine has expressed interest in learning to play music for some time, so we decided to have her take piano lessons. Lucky for us, my mom is a piano teacher. And while this wasn’t her very first piano lesson, it’s been quite a while. So the lesson was part recap and part new stuff, plus an assignment for practicing.

One of those fundamental piano-playing things that you never forget (even more than two decades after stopping) is curved fingers. You don’t play with straight fingers, you play with your palm over the keys, fingers bent as though there is a bubble underneath your hand. (Don’t laugh. That’s how it was described to me, and it stuck.)

Turns out, keeping those fingers bent is good therapy. Namine is still working on her fine-motor control in occupational therapy, and I’m sure her therapist will be thrilled to hear about the extra practice she’ll be getting.


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