Christmas piano recital

Namine had her Christmas piano recital today.

My mom, who teaches Namine piano, prefers a looser, more casual recital. From the start to the end of the two hours, her students can come up and play their pieces. Some come up and play them all at once; some prefer to play one, then wait and come back for doing another. (Namine is one of those get-it-all-done-at-once kids.)

Aside from the typical “I’m proud of my kid, look at her play the piano” parental soapboxing, I want to point out that I was very nearly useless today. In past years, I’ve walked up with her to the piano to help her onto the piano bench. Not so this year.

Thanks in part to her larger wheelchair, but more so due to her work in physical therapy, Namine had no trouble at all transferring from her wheelchair to the piano bench and back again. Her independence is important — more important than piano, sorry Mom — and her proving my help superfluous makes me so very proud.

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