We spent the day in Madison, so we made a field trip out of it.

We went up to have lunch with a friend from college. We weren’t too far from the capitol building, so we took a walk. Along the way, we saw a normal-colored squirrel with an albino tail.

When we got to the capitol building, we found that there was some sort of event going on. Actually, they were still setting up, so there were trucks with loading ramps.

Unfortunately, those loading ramps were blocking the only accessible way for a wheelchair to get in the building. There was enough space for Namine’s wheelchair to get through, but only just enough. (If she were in an adult-sized chair, she’d never have made it through.)

Once inside, we were typical tourists. We took pictures of the ceiling. It was Namine’s first time, and we (Jessica and myself, I mean) haven’t been to the capitol since grade school.

We went up the elevator and visited the Supreme Court and the office of the Governor. We did see a tour group, but we never got the chance to take an official tour. We managed all right on our own.

That badger plaque outside the Governor’s office looks like its nose has been rubbed so much it might come off, but Namine got a good rub in, too.

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