State Fair

Jessica and I took Namine and her cousin to the State Fair this weekend.

Getting through to a handicapped parking spot was… interesting, for lack of a better word. (There are better words, but I try to keep the language here more or less PG.) There were three lots designated as handicap parking, and we wound up at the third one. Once we’d parked, though, we didn’t have to walk very far; there were park-run carts transporting people to the closest gate.

Once inside, we met up with my parents and sister. We also ran into a friend of ours (who has taken pictures of Namine in the past).

Our first order of business was to get some food. And where better to get food than the “exotic meat” trucks? Namine got an alligator meat stick and I got cricket nachos. (There were fried crickets on the nachos, and even the chips themselves were made from flour made with ground crickets.) Namine was the only one brave enough to try some nachos with me, and although she wasn’t willing to eat any whole crickets, she did have some cricket legs on her nachos.

After we’d gotten something to eat — everybody else got pretty normal fair fare (ha ha), like giant corn dogs — Namine and her cousin got airbrush tattoos. My sister and mom got some too!

Namine got to go on quite a few rides this year. Since getting over her fear of heights, she loves to go on the sky tram. I’m afraid she has the advantage on that score, since my stomach would jump into my throat every time she leaned over to look at the tiny people far below us. I also carried her up the stairs leading to the giant slide, and she sat on my lap on the way down. We — that is, my mom, dad, sister, Namine, and her cousin (Jessica stayed on the ground like a sane person) — also went on the giant ferris wheel. You could literally see for miles.

A fear of heights is one thing, but speed is quite another. Though Namine did go on the Tilt-A-Whirl with me, she did not so much enjoy it. She did enjoy the haunted house ride, even though it was little more than a corridor of jump scares and flashing lights. (This Halloween, I will treat her to a good haunted house.)

Before heading home, we had to use up the rest of our game and ride tickets. Namine and her cousin played Whack-A-Mole, water gun games, and they even both won a stuffed toy in a dart-throwing game.

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