So I’ve been listening to Hamilton lately

I have this habit of downloading free music whether I want it or not.

Every so often, Google Play Music will offer albums for free. Never one to look a gift album in the mouth, I will naturally download it. When Google did this with the Broadway cast recording of the musical Hamilton, of course I downloaded it. But since I had no real vested interest in it, I never listened to it. (I did the same thing with Steve Aoki, Kaskade, and some country rap thing.)

So sometime last week I was listening to Caleb Hyles on shuffle. He does a bunch of different covers, including a lot of Disney, Price of Egypt, Kingdom Hearts, and others. Anyhoo, so Guns and Ships from Hamilton came on, and I really liked it.

So now I’m listening to the whole original cast recording, thanks to Caleb (and also my sister Lydia who prompted me way back when).

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