AHCA thoughts

I’m so glad that my parents have passed on. Because this new AHCA would have killed them.

That’s what it is doing, killing off the elderly and disabled. All of you that are for it, think for a second. You are okay now but for someone my age think about thirty years in the future to when you’re seventy, you will have preexisting conditions. You will be paying double for your coverage and don’t think about getting prescriptions because they will be so expensive that you won’t be able to get them.

Every time I think about this bill I am reminded of Scrooge, from The Christmas Carol, and how he says it isn’t up to him, it’s better to decrease the surplus population. If you think about it that’s what they are trying to do. They are trying to get rid of all the elderly, disabled, and people that are supposedly draining the life of America.

The elderly helped build this country, they fought for our freedom in WW1 & 2, Vietnam, Korea. Why not just take them all out back and shoot them. It would be better to die a quick painless death then a slow painful death. Why not take my daughter and do the same thing, because this new bill is.

We pay taxes, we pay for insurance. Why don’t we have the same rights as someone who makes more money? Why aren’t we given the same respect?

When you go to bed tonight think about the people around you that will die because of this, and know it’s their blood on your hands.

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