Sled hockey

Over the weekend Namine had the chance to play sled hockey again. She loved it so much the first time, we had to do it again.

After signing in, Namine and I went over to the tables where they had gloves and helmets. We tried a few helmets on her, finally settling on one that fit the best. Namine decided to keep her own mittens, declaring that since they were the ones she wore last time, they were now her “lucky mittens.”

Next, she got settled into a sled. It was a push sled; someone would push her around on the ice, so she didn’t have to worry about tipping over.

Namine was out on the ice for nearly an hour, slapping the puck around and just having the best time ever. The event went on for two hours, but she was starting to get cold, so we brought her in to warm up.

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