Batman French Toast

For Easter, Namine had gotten a DC Comics cookbook. It’s nothing more than a simple kids’ cookbook, but superheroes make everything more awesome.

For her superhero meal, Namine picked “Batman Egg Bread.” Yes, it was just French Toast. (Although, interestingly enough, it was French Toast without cinnamon. Travesty!)

Yesterday was kind of a busy day for us. We had wanted to get the apartment clean, and traditional French Toast is a little involved. So Jessica tried something different: she cut up bread, soaked the pieces in the French Toast egg mixture, then stuffed them into a bread pan. Then that went into the oven.

When the pan came out of the oven, we sliced that up for each of our servings. Namine’s cookbook came with stencils, so she picked the Batman one she wanted to use for the powdered sugar.

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